The 70s are back!

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The 70s are back, but reinterpreted for 2015, this trend is sweeping into interior design.

Step back in time, and everyone has their own interpretation of the 70s (if you were born yet!). Flared pants or crazy caftans? The Rolling Stones, glam rock or bohemian chic? Fashion was eclectic, ranging from updated versions of flower children to punk rock leather and t-shirts. Architecture and interior trends were equally varied: a final flourish of Brutalist architecture, and the start of open-plan living and ecologically friendly homes.

Seventies Revival_

So if you’re thinking of the 70s as “the decade style forgot”, think again. With unforgettable design, art and music, the 70s have returned, injected into this decade with confidence and a wink to the past, perfect for today’s interiors style.

Flooring is a great way to introduce the 70s to your interiors through colours, textures and patterns. Textures were lustrous and opulent. Shag carpeting has seen a resurgence and Interface’s Human Nature™ Collection can give you a modern interpretation of shag pile: luxurious and playful. Or how about the look of velvet, using cut pile, soft, short and plush carpet tiles from the Striation Collection? Deluxe looking materials revive the feeling of the 70s era. Shagadelic, baby!

Seventies Revival_3

It’s the colours of the 70s that are most memorable, with style gurus identifying two different directions to bring back. The first is muted hues with a return to nature and the colours of forests and fireplaces: woody green, pistachio, olive, greys and oranges. The 1968 Collection’s Hoo Road has a colour combination of burnt orange contrasted with charcoals and greys: a perfect match to its strong geometric patterns.

Seventies Revival_2

The other colour direction is bold and bright. Today, this 70’s colour scheme might be a bit too “out there” to use in the same way; it’s more modern to use a palette that’s muted or monochromatic with pops of colour: perhaps shades of sherbet, like orange mixed with pink, or maybe turquoise married to brilliant shades of green and blue. Bold patterns were also a hallmark of the decade with strong geometrical design and asymmetry. You can create your own 70s inspired patterns and geometrical cut-outs, mixing and matching carpet tiles in retro-colours.

You don’t have to put on your disco shoes to relive the 70s, and that’s what today’s style is all about: choosing what you like from the past or present, matching it with your own personal style, and making it work.


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