Singapore Indesign 2014

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Being one of the 100+ brands that exhibited at Singapore Indesign we were delighted to have visitors calling their friends over to our Awaken Your Senses Tunnel (a truly sensory experience!) and the engaging Changing World – Changing Work station at our well-attended space at XTRA.

Interface at Singapore Indesign 2014

The dark tunnel had younger visitors squirming in the queue, and upon reaching the end both design students as well as more senior designers demanded to know “what is that soft cold material in the middle? I need it!” – and the answer, much to many’s surprise; it was moss. Norwegian moss sponsored by Greenology.

Most of the brave tunnel-walkers managed to identify the bamboo wall in the beginning and the mid section marble floor. And quite a few let out a little squeak or jumped around when suddenly stepping onto the wet sponge. Coming out from the tunnel, many expressed their appreciation and were interested to learn more about our Human Nature Collection.

Immensely proud of our award winning Net-Works programme, we bragged about the expansion plans recently announced at Clinton Global Initiative and showed the video to help inspire more beautiful thinking among our visitors.

Yet, the most eye-catching and instagram-friendly section was probably the beautiful plant decorations sponsored by Moss & Rose. The installations caught the attention of media as well as bloggers and interior decorators alike.
We would like to thank all the visitors and friends that stopped by!
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The Human Nature Collection by Interface

The Human Nature Collection decorated by Moss & Rose


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