Net Effect Sand Palette

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Take a moment to feel the foam waves eagerly rush up to your feet leaving bubbles at your ankles. Breathe in the salty air and imagine your feet sinking deeper into the disappearing sand as each wave retreats.



The Sand palette surrenders to the rich textures of the ocean and its sandy beaches. The textures found in the Net Effect™ Collection incorporate the gentle crash where the sand and surf collide, the subtle sandy ridges created along a sand bar or the smooth sand long after high tide.


A. Shiver Me Timbers: Poplar 103926; B. B703: Sand 103967; C. B702: Pacific 102898; D. PlushMix: SagePlush 103841; E. UR304: Blue/Straw 103659; F. Micro Line: Sage 103717; G. B601: Sand 102910; H. B602: Sand 102918






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