Awakening senses at Melbourne Indesign 2014

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Interface’s Human Nature installation at this key design showcase delights and engages participants


How would a world without nature look and sound? How would a world with Human Nature feel?

In collaboration with Loop Creative, Interface created an installation at Melbourne Indesign, 22–23 August, that gave visitors a unique physical and emotional sensory experience, and got them tweeting and instagramming as well.


Exploring this year’s theme of ‘inception’, Interface brought Human Nature Collection to life with an installation that looks to nature to answer questions like:

  • Does architecture have the power to make you feel different?
  • How does a building’s interior relate to our own bodies and to the world around us?
  • Are there more responsible ways to build?
JTP_140822_0001 JTP_140822_0053

We created two very different spaces. The first space, an antechamber, bombarded visitors with intense sounds and visions of a world in decay, a world deprived of nature that is harsh, chaotic and uncomfortable. And then, the visitor passed into an oasis of calm and reflection, an immersive environment allowing consideration of the relationship between human and nature.


This participation in a contrasting sensory experience lead visitors to a moment of ‘inception’: not only the logical conclusion but also the emotional understanding that integrating nature into the built environment fulfills us as humans. Before they exited, we asked them to share thoughts on a chalkboard, which they did, enthusiastically.


This year’s installation allowed Interface to demonstrate how we’re inspired by nature with the unveiling of our Human Nature Collection, built on the belief that beautiful ideas are inspired by beautiful surroundings, and that we can use the very human element of imagination to stimulate inspiration and create fantastic sensory environments.

Designed in our Skinny Plank format, these multifaceted, multihued carpet tiles remind us of the materials, textures and tones found in the natural world, and can be mixed and matched to create interior spaces that echo the infinite variety of the natural landscape as one type of topography gives way to another.


Today’s world is one that never sleeps with constant noise and information flow. To face these challenges, we believe that nature is our teacher. However, it’s not a short-term engagement. The more we internalize the idea of natural inspiration, the more sophisticated the result becomes.

We at Interface hope to stimulate such inspiration and contribute to a more sensory environment. Our installation at Melbourne Indesign was an example that we hope inspires you to awaken your senses and bring more nature into your human life.


It’s our nature to dream, to build, to play, to aspire, to adapt and to look toward the sky. We know that carpet tiles can’t change the world but we can inspire those that can.

Melbourne Indesign has been held biannually since 2004 (previously named ‘Saturday in Design’) to showcase the most revolutionary ideas and game-changing new products from high-end international and regional brands and leading architecture and design talent.


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