Meet the Asian finalist in Interface biophilic design competition

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Onginev T. Jimenez is a Filipino architect working at BN Jimenez Construction. With a degree in Architecture, specialising in Environmental Management Planning, Onginev often takes on projects that have a sustainability angle. He incorporates designs and theories that benefit the environment as well as the lifestyle of the occupants. Referring to the quote “God is the architect of the world, Architects are second to God”, Onginev see his responsibility as an architect to be heavily steered to providing efficient, logical, structurally sound and sustainable buildings.

Onginev T. Jimenez, architect at BN Jimenez Construction

PATAK is Onginev’s contribution to Interface biophilic design competition Reconnect. In Filipino language patak means droplet, and spelled out PATAK becomes Pilipinong Arkitektura Tradition at Kultura (Filipino Architecture Tradition And Culture).Onginev elaborates A solitary drop may not change anything, but with the support of other droplets, it can make a difference. Personally, this symbolizes the Filipino Spirit. Each individual is just a droplet out of nowhere almost certainly ignored; unnoticed, unseen, disregarded, but with the assistance of other people, other community, and for the unity, Filipinos will make it at the end of the day.”

Onginev describes biophilic design to be the proposal for reconnection of nature to the built environment. We should always design in accordance with the elements, not against them, making a seamless bond between the structure and the environment. He continues “Assimilation of nature with the structure would not only give several health benefits, performance benefits and natural aesthetics, but this would also enrich our minds and broaden our perspective on what nature has to offer.”
The greatest source of inspiration in all of Onginev’s projects is nature. Describing how nature lay out a design that lasts for billions of years, providing solutions to the problems we are today facing, can be seen as a great teacher to all of us. The PATAK project is a symbol of the world’s insufficiency of clean drinking water. Even though more than 70% of the Earth’s surface is water, only around 1% of it is drinkable. PATAK is a water desalination structure that turns sea water into fresh water. Floating in the sea near a beach PATAK is also a museum of Philippine history, a hotel and an unique close-up marine experience.
Find out more about Reconnect and check out Onginev’s contribution PATAK.

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