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In its latest incarnation, pop culture is vibrant, bold and energetic

Pop culture is happening right now, a reflection of what surrounds us. It can be found everywhere – it’s what makes us feel alive. It’s the music we listen to, the images we see, and the fashion we wear. With the Colourspace collection from Interface, it can be found on the ground beneath our feet.

In its latest incarnation, pop culture is vibrant, bold and energetic – the Colourspace collection takes this trend and turns it into a style. Dynamically bright colours cut through subdued neutrals, and retro nods to the past sit comfortably beside visions of the future, infusing floors with new life.

In the rapidly evolving world of commercial interiors, it’s no longer enough to create a space simply to house employees – workspaces have to communicate to employees and clients alike, and first impressions, as they say, are the most important. For this reason, designers are introducing bold colour to make a powerful statement.

When this colour is introduced through carpet tile it can also work to delineate various spaces within the workplace, or as a wayfinding device.

Take BDO’s new interiors in Perth Subiaco, which have been designed by Marshall Kusinski Design Consultants to have a dynamic and welcoming sense of arrival. As you enter the reception area, clients are greeted by an organically shaped reception desk on a black carpet with splashes of vibrant reds and oranges from Interface.

“We were able to create an eye catching first impression from the street,” says designer Talia Teoh from Marshall Kusinski Design. “It sets them apart from their competitors, and the depth and variance in colours allowed us to cross coordinate the tiles. Every area appears bespoke.”

In the main part of the firm’s floors carpet tiles have been used to cleverly delineate the lines between offices and break-out areas, including the main one dubbed the Hub. Here, bold carpet tiles featured on the working floors blur into tiles from the Cubic collection, showcasing the vibrancy and flexibility of the product. Bold and colourful furniture is married with the equally vibrant floor.

Interface products were also ideal for the design of Campari’s head office in Sydney’s St Leonards, says Julia Borghesi, senior associate at HASSELL who did the fit-out. As she says, “Interface tiles enhanced the design by providing a saturated colour palette appropriate to the project and enhancing the brand; strong, simple colours matched the Campari product.”

Inspired by everything that brings our world to life and makes it pop – bold colours, pixelated graphics, sharp angles, high fashion and fragmented shapes – the Colourspace collection surpasses trends by allowing designers to create their own style.

Cut, splice and re-arrange the 12 colourways and three patterns that comprise the collection in endless ways to define spaces without walls – if it can be imagined, it can be created.


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