Learning about biomimicry in Singapore

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Our recent event Biomimicry Networking Session, in collaboration with Singapore Green Building Council was fully booked only days after it launched. The attending audience, of whom a majority was architects or designers (professionals and students) sat up straight when Jamie Dwyer from Biomimicry3.8 and Interface’s VP of Sustainability Erin Meezan took the stage, and the following discussion reflected newfound ideas and broadened minds.

Jamie presenting whale magic

The introduction to biomimicry – turning to nature for solutions to design problems, and case studies from Interface, engaged the audience who during the succeeding dinner discussed if nature might have an alternative answer to plastic bags, what processes in nature to observe when looking for green solutions to indoor air control, and architectural inspiration for upcoming projects. With a breathtaking view from the Pod, the venue at Singapore National Library where we hosted the event, the sun slowly set over the Singaporean skyline as the networking dinner was enjoyed by attendees and facilitators alike. (Check out the photos)

Blindfolded Serene was able to discover attributes she hadn’t noticed before

With an equally high demand for the exclusive full day workshop the following day there was no time to rest for Jamie Dwyer and Erin Leitch, the two experts from Biomimicry3.8. Hosted at the beautiful Hort Park, we took a closer look at what it means to apply biomimic thinking and how to find nature’s blueprints for form, processes and behaviors. Much nervous laughter erupted during the blindfold walk, and the competition to find the best biomimic soution caused a roaring cheer when voting for your favourite.

We sincerely hope to have inspired our colleagues, customers and friends with new thinking, and a new way of looking at the world!

For more information about biomimicry please visit www.AskNature.org

The participants brought in natural artifacts that were used during the course.



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