Inspired Design with Skinny Planks

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I’ve been playing with skinny planks for a little over a year now and am still finding endless ways to design floors with this new shape. In math terms, the skinny plank is 25 cm x 1 m, which is exactly half the width and twice the length of our square tile. In design terms, the geometry of the skinny plank lends itself to work perfectly with the square and wide plank modules that are also available in our design kit.

At first Ashlar and Herringbone installations are what come to mind when using the skinny planks in designs, but there is even more potential when you start seeking inspiration outside the ordinary. Whether it is a single color installation, creating chevrons and stripes or going completely off the grid with a pixeled herringbone design, inspiration slowly starts to creep in from all sides and suddenly everything reminds me of the skinny plank and how I can mix color, pattern and texture to create a one of a kind floor.

With the revolutionary elongated shape, the skinny plank blends its side seams so perfectly that a modular tile begins to emulate broadloom installations. Such an elegant shape paired with sophisticated neutrals and plush textures from a product like UR501™and you can take a room from ordinary to luxurious.

Now, let’s push the envelope a little bit further by incorporating a product, such as On Line™, that is inherently bold. A single colorway from On Line can can create a seamless modern look to the floor, but when paired with coordinating colorways you can begin to explore a world of design possibility. Using one of the inspired images from above, visualize the individual colored tiles as different colorways and suddenly you have a completely magical floor that is both well-designed and waste efficient.

A: Duo & Trio: Granite / B: On Line: Forest, Lime and Lapis / C: Chicago Showroom Composite Rug

This last tid bit is the cherry on top of an already delicious sundae. In reference to the perfect geometry of all the modules Interface has to offer, consider this, an area rug that is a composite of countless patterns, textures and colors all perfectly curated and pieced together to create a mash up rug from heaven!! Due to the mathematical accuracy of the tile dimensions you can piece together a composite rug like the featured installation above without having to cut a single edge.

Needless to say the new skinny plank module that Interface has launched gives designers the opportunity to explore the canvas that is their floor. The skinny plank caters to the minimalist and the eclectic designer within all of us.

Voila! Who could have ever thought carpet tile could do all that?
/Gretchen Wagner

Find out more about Skinny Planks in Asia.


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