Can flooring create communities?

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Fuji Business Co., Ltd. Senior designer, Ms. Hiroka Maruyama, explores the value of flooring in forming communities within commercial spaces as with their recent project, Japan Business Systems (JBS).

JBS conference room Interface flooring

What was the overall the design objective and brief for the JBS project?    

The client had the concepts of “a place where people gather” and “collaboration,” and we helped them realize these concepts through design.

The green floor represents the earth, while the blue floor evokes images of the sea. This was based on a desire to bring elements of nature indoors, something, which has long been a part of the industry. We also placed an aquarium on the sea-themed blue floor to express the image of fish swimming in the sea.

Interface flooring JBS

While the idea of bringing nature indoors has been around in the industry for a long time, recently carpet and furniture producers have begun to follow suit and a string of products that make it possible to realize this approach (design) have been announced, making selections easier.

Interface flooring JBS

Once you had received the brief from the client, how did you approach this design?

While it can be difficult to equate management perspectives with design concepts, we developed a design to produce a sense of unity by linking traffic lines with stairs to realize the concept of “collaboration” through design.

Interface flooring JBS

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