Home office trends: great ideas for the modern shed

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Over the past decade technology has not only changed the way we work but also where we can work.  The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that about a quarter of Australian workers (or 2.4 million people) work at least some hours at home and of those people 32% worked predominantly at home (ABS 2008).

While some home workers eke out a living on the dining room table or in a nook under the stairs, architects around the world have responded to this growing trend by developing modern garden studios that solve the home / work space issue, preserve the work life balance and are only a few steps from your back door.

The Deckhouse

Designed in Australia by Noekedesign for the 2005 Sydney in Bloom exhibition, the deckhouse is now manufactured as a prefabricated product.  According to the designers the garden structure lends itself to many different uses, such as a study, yoga or meditation space as well as an art studio.


Looking like a cross between a pimple ball and a pineapple, the Archipod, according to Weburbanist, is a nine-foot-diameter spherical, fully-functioning office space, complete with a desk, skylight and a porthole-like window. The pod is fully insulated and comes in prefabricated sections.

The G-Pod

Resembling one of the cabins on the London Eye, the G-Pod, comes in three different sizes, designed to create a backyard lounge, dining room or office.  According to Inhabitat, the smallest version can spin 360 degrees and the largest one is 10 feet in diameter, providing enough space for a table, chair and even a small lounge.

Blob VB3 by dmva

Not your average outdoor office space, the Blob VB3, designed by Belgian architectural firm, dmvA, looks like an oversize egg.  Weburbanist tells us that inside you’ll find an “ultramodern studio space with lots of built-in niches for storage” and it can function as a “mobile guest house, portable backyard office or secondary library space”.


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