Green art takes many forms

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Lloyd Graham’s latest work, Airborne, is part green art, part urban sculpture.  Dangling from wires suspended between light poles, Graham’s geometric greenery is sure to delight pedestrians, cyclists and drivers visiting Les Erdi Plaza in Melbourne.

Airborne is the world’s first rotating garden and has been funded by the City of Melbourne’s 2013 Arts Grant Program and is the first installation to debut for the Sustainable Living Festival (Inhabitat).

Each unique piece of the artwork is made from wire, recycled bicycle wheels and Bromeliad plants and is completely self-sufficient (Softpedia).   Apparently Bromeliad plants don’t need soil or water to grow and get all of the nutrients they need from spinning and whirring in the air.

The first installation was completed in mid-February and further air gardens will be installed every four weeks until the end of 2013.  It’s expected that a total of eight air gardens will adorn the skies of Melbourne, adding some much-needed greenery to a busy city (dzine).

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