For our love of Nature: Welcome to Urban Retreat

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Urban Retreat is Interface’s newest carpet tile collection that has been launched globally and is now available in Australia.  This exciting collection explores man’s connection with natural elements and the intersection of nature and manmade materials.  Urban Retreat merges seemingly opposite worlds that inspire beautiful, coexisting and functional design in interior spaces.

The inspiration for the collection is that while the urban setting is exciting and we’re drawn to it, we are creatures of nature and we’re also innately drawn to the natural world.  According to Biophilia, our attraction, happiness and comfort from connecting with nature are a product of biological evolution.

The new collection reflects a worldview that includes nature as an appreciated source and reminder of true inspiration. Urban Retreat’s nine styles are sorted into pattern studies ranging from refined textures to broad organic forms, all offered in a complementary colour palette. Eight colourways include earthy neutrals and lush greens that reference lichen, grass, ivy and moss.

Bringing the Outside In

Grouped into three categories – Urban Retreat One, Two and Three – the styles explore manmade creations that make room for nature, like concrete giving way to grass and the deeply carved character of an old tree set against the architecture of a manmade grid.

Urban Retreat One explores the contrasts of modern cities; sharp and blurred, classic and futuristic, eclectic and austere. When grouped together, UR101, UR102 and UR103 create the look of moss growing on stone, with veins of green running across the floor and blending subtly on either edge into a neutral ground for a soft somber effect.

Urban Retreat Two combines the orderly and the organic in an exquisitely restrained palette, with references as diverse as modernist architecture and ancient tree bark. In fact, bark is recreated to incredible effect in UR201, utilizing Interface’s advances in tufting to create a carved, weathered design with shifts in height and texture that are at once edgy and ethereal.

The grouping shares a neutral color palette with Urban Retreat Three, which offers tone-on-tone textural complements to Urban Retreat One and Two. Patterns that call to mind soft, smooth French limestone and shimmering linen create subtle, elegant contrast.


The new collection’s reverence for the natural world is evident below the surface as well.  Urban Retreat contains up to 81 per cent recycled content including 100 per cent recycled content fiber and high recycled content backing. Content yarn is derived from salvaged fishing nets with reclaimed carpet fiber processed within Interface’s ReEntry network. Since 1995, the ReEntry program has processed more than 253 million pounds of used carpet tile and broadloom globally.

Customers have access to the same products with efficient regional manufacturing. Products are manufactured within continental North America, Europe, Asia and Australia to serve each regional market.


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