Designing Net Effect, interview with David Oakey

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What first inspired the Net Effect collection?
I listened to author Sylvia Earle for nearly an hour on the radio and she really moved me. I listened to her speak about the importance of sustainability – the importance of not just taking care of land, but the ocean.

How are you inspired by conservation?
One of the most important parts of our design is biomimicry and learning from nature. But the ocean has become a dumping ground – an endless waste bin that people can put things in, and think they’ll never see them again. We are joining in to get awareness and acknowledge that we have a problem.

How has the colour blue inspired the Net Effect line?
We are hardwired as humans to respond to the colours we see in nature and blue is one of the most popular. Blue communicates calmness and tranquility. Architects continue to move towards bringing nature indoors. In our research it was also found to be growing across the fashion world.

Have you seen any trends in consumer culture changing?
Looking at waste, the trend of bringing reclaimed materials into spaces is growing all around the world. There is an acceptance in the consumer market to seek out products that are recycled. In this young generation, we are starting to see a shift – from wanting more new stuff to sustainability, enlightenment, and thinking about the world in a different way.


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