Design Outside the Square

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By definition, Interface is the world’s largest designer and maker of carpet tile. By reputation, they are a company of ideas and courage. In that regard, Interface heralds the addition of a new concept: Planks. The concept of Planks represents an opportunity for the industry to explore creative flexibility, allowing limitless design exploration of direction, pattern and texture.


UR 501 design outside the square

For Interface, it’s not so much about the elegance of four equal sides as it is about the alluring beauty of opposites, the adrenaline of choice and juxtaposition. Although the concept of Planks will ultimately showcase many product options, the launch heralds 3 initial product offerings – UR 501™, Lamella™ and On Line™ that demonstrate a combination of texture, colour and size.

UR 501 introduces another dimension to the floor of carved negative spaces that bring a landscape of texture and colour, available in 8 nature inspired neutrals and 8 brights.

UR 501


Lamella stimulates the essence of a beautiful wooden floor. Each plank uniquely features subtle colour nuances and imperfections similar to that of natural wood. Available in 8 natural earthy wooden tones. Warm browns through to weathered greys.



On Line is the new graphic standard with its pure colour and bold proportions. Vivid or subdued, On-Line presents a unique colour palette of saturated neutrals and vibrant accents.

On Line


With this new concept and product offering, designers can now extend their toolkits and add a new level of creativity to their repertoire that allows for unexpected patterns and original spaces. This great stride forward opens designers up to a whole new world of opportunities that go far beyond the traditional. Squares were the beginning of a revolution in carpet and are the foundation of Interface product line. Planks continue the evolution and offer designers a new world of creative possibilities.






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