Creating retail chic

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Recognised as a leading supplier of baby goods, Babies Galore was keen to bring a contemporary, fresh feel to their company, starting with its new Camperdown store in Sydney’s inner west.

Initial discussions with designers revealed that the brand’s tagline – “More than just your ordinary baby store” – was key to the transformations ahead.  Drawing on their long-standing relationship with Landini Associates, Babies Galore were confident they could transform their stores, giving them a more boutique feel, without losing their warm and friendly approach.

By choosing to keep the design simple, interior designer Anna Carin says they were able to highlight the many products on display, and focus more on the functionality of the space.

“Babies Galore is like no other store in their field,” Carin says.  “They focus a lot on information and service.  It is such a new experience having a baby, so Babies Galore really see their role as informing new parents in the best way possible.”

The flooring plays a critical role in the new store concept. The flooring solution needed to complement the sophisticated interior design, but had to be sturdy enough to withstand Babies Galore’s clientele 
of mothers with prams, strollers, and toddlers. With the average store size at just under 1,000 square metres, Landini Associates was also after a solution that enabled them to delineate specific areas and products, across a large retail space.

Taking a very untraditional approach to colour, bold, strong, graphic panels and images of animals were used throughout the space to break it up and add a little bit of fun.

This approach was successfully complemented by the use of Interface’s modular carpet tiles, which, Carin says, stood out against all others for their interchangeability, durability and colour choice.

The end result is a new chain store concept that exhibits a sophisticated, boutique look and feel. “Our customers love the warm and inviting feel of the new store,” said Rhonda Lettieri, Campderdown’s Store Manager, and for the staff, “we love it so much that we don’t want to go home!”


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