Cox Architecture designs a mindful space.

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Cox Architecture delves inside the mind for the third iteration of Interface’s Beautiful Thinking campaign.

The Cox Interior design team was invited to combine Interface Narrative carpet tiles with props or materials of their choosing to create a mindful space. The team started their design response with an individual exercise, exploring what the notion of mindfulness meant to each of them. Senior Interior Designer Trent Schatzmann recalls, “My first thought was of when I saw the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the MCA a couple of years ago… he has this ability to create experiences that allow you to get lost in the moment. We then thought about creating something that would let the viewer get lost in the moment.”

The team followed the thread of discovering ‘internal’ space; as Senior Interior Designer Lauren Smith explains “this thinking evolved into a three-dimensional space using carpet tiles which represent a landscape inside the mind; we played with positive and negative ideas, thought forms and beliefs, we also looked at peeling back the various layers of the mind… We were investigating the idea of mindful space happening within the mind.”

Watch the video to learn how they tackled the design brief and responded to the concept of beautiful thinking, and how they progressed on their design journey.



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