Colour Trend – Indigo


It may be a colour trend for late 2015 but for some, indigo never goes out of style.

Indigo has been named as one of the colour trends for interiors for late 2015, along with the red wine colour, Marsala and olive greens. But for some, a love of this deep, rich colour is eternal.

colourWe’re seeing indigo come through in our designs, creating a point of focus with an aesthetic that’s clean and minimal yet warm. And that’s one of indigo’s magic qualities: despite being a cool colour, it has the ability to add warmth to a space.

colourIt’s also remarkably versatile with variations ranging from imperial blue, midnight blue and Persian indigo to deep indigo, electric indigo and denim. All of these colours can be used beautifully alongside dusty pinks, coral, sage, cream and grey. They can also make an interesting contrast to neutral shades, copper and worn timber. See how the indigo colours in Interface Net Effect marry beautifully to Interface Reclaim in Cottage Taupe.


Net Effects: Verticals;-Head Over Heels M0816; HN830 Cobalt’ -UR101;-Narratives;-Fusion

But wait, there’s more. It’s not just about beautiful shades of indigo, it’s how they’re being used. The new wave of indigo takes its cues from the traditional Japanese textile art of Shibori, a technique of cloth dying where parts of the cloth are covered to resist oxidation or dye. The result is sophisticated and offers visual texture.

Shibori-inspired designs soften the hue of what would be a uniform indigo surface, and inject a human quality with their variation and complexity. These patterns also carry into tribal, geometrical designs as well as an organic feel derived from folk, floral and ornamental patterns.

There’s something both calming and tranquil about this particular blue-purple hue; it can hint at both stability and history, or something eternal and forward-thinking. For whatever reasons you like it, we recommend you indulge in indigo to your heart’s content.



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    February 19, 2016 12:53 am

    Hi ,
    I am a student of Interior Design and discovered your company in my research .
    I actually ordered carpet samples from the Us for a design project i have to do for an assignment.
    Can you tell me where you are headquartered in India ? and also do you have authorized dealers that sell your amazing carpet tiles. Would love to know who they are. Thanks.

    Tara Sumant.


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