Art inspired by nature

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Just as architects are inspired by natural processes in biomimetic designs, artists too are turning to nature as their muse. A number of well-known artists are inspired by natural processes and or use organic materials as their muse.

Nature provides us with an amazing range of solutions to complex problems and by delving into how nature solves problems, architects have been able to find solutions and new directions for our urban environment.

Mesmerising lamps

Dutch-born, interior designer and lighting specialist, Paula Artzen, makes beautiful lamps by cutting and folding paper.  Her series of floating lamps are made from recyclable polypropylene and are inspired by the work of German biologist Ernst Haeckel.  These beautiful yet eerie shapes look like perfectly proportioned jellyfish or spooky white creatures from the deep sea.

Beautiful sculptures

US-born Ryan and Trevor Oakes create shell-like artworks using thousands of matchsticks.  The matchstick artworks are modeled on ‘iterative structures’ from the physical world.  Ryan and Trevor try to present a sense of continuous repetition that occurs around us in the form of bricks, blades of grass and footsteps.  They are not only preoccupied with the natural world but also the patterns that occur everywhere.  The artists use a range of everyday materials, from cardboard to pipe cleaners, in their artworks.

Glass sculptures

In her glass sculptures, Japanese artist, Mika Aoki brings to light a world of microscopic organisms, solidified and illuminated in blown glass.  The artist draws inspiration from spores, mold, fungi, viruses and sex cells.  Aoki’s inspiration comes from observations and conversations with scientists.  Her sculptures remind us that we share the world with many small and remarkable looking organisms.


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