2015 prediction: doing the right thing – because it’s the right thing to do

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Interface has long been committed to incorporating mindful thinking into every aspect of our business. We apply mindful thinking to our designs, our company culture and our surrounding environment.

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With a mission to become the first fully sustainable company by 2020, Interface began its journey to eliminate any negative environmental it may have, way back in 1994. Since then, we have been on a voyage of discovery and transformation, looking not to others, but to ourselves in how we can do better. And it looks like this idea is starting to catch on.

Carol Sanford, is an educator and the author of The Responsible Entrepreneur: Four Game-Changing Archetypes for Founders, Leaders, and Impact Investors. She, expects that more companies will  move away from “metrics for metrics’ sake” towards “less counting, and more caring”. Sanford predicts that in 2015 and beyond, companies will want to do good, for good’s sake by operating responsibly and sustainably as decent corporate citizens – as opposed to merely doing so to raise profits or bolster a positive social profile.

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Sanford suggests that the very idea of ‘best practice’ will not be actually be best practice. No longer will it be good enough for businesses to copy or strive for the benchmarks set by other industry innovators. Instead, individual businesses will need to improve in ways unique to their company. In short, companies will stop looking to others for innovation and inspiration, but rather look to improve their own core business model and what responsible entrepreneurship means to them.

At Interface, we are constantly challenging ourselves to ‘Go Beyond’. Going beyond is the only way we will meet our goal of Mission Zero®.

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We aim to not just be sustainable, but to be restorative, by putting back more than we take from the environment and the community. We bring this this vision to life on a daily basis through a number of programs such as our ReEntry™ Carpet Tile Recycling, the world’s first carpet tile recycling program. And through tracking our EcoMetrics and our Net-Works program – the first step in creating a truly restorative loop in carpet tile production.

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These are just a few of the ways Interface is going beyond the status quo. And we do this not just because we are able to make these initiatives profitable, but because it’s the right thing to do.

Carpet tile is what we do, but is certainly not all we are about.



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